Implant Direct™ Dentistry DirectGen Mineralized/Demineralized Cortical Combo Allograft Granules Size: 125-1000µm (0.5cc) - 1 Vial / Box

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DirectGen™ Allograft is a natural, safe and easy to use grafting material. Processed for minimal tissue manipulation, this allograft material acts as a 3-dimensional osteoconductive scaffold for new bone formation. DirectGen™ Allograft offers a choice of donated tissue types (cortical, cancellous or cortical-cancellous blend) and is suited for a wide range of clinical needs. Product Type: Combination of Mineralized Cortical/Demineralized Cortical Particle size: 125-1000µm Volume: 0.5cc Jars/Box: 1 Combination ratio: 50/50

More Information
Bone/Tissue Size 125-1000µm
Bone Quantity 0.5cc
Bone Packaging 1 Vial
Bone Type Allograft
Bone Texture Granules

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