Implant Direct™ Dentistry Cytoplast GBR-200 d-PTFE Non-Resorbable Membrane Size: 12x24mm - 10 Membranes / Box

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Cytoplast GBR-200 SINGLES Dimensions: 12x24mm Quantity: 10 membranes/ box (individually pouched) • Non-Resorbable: no disruption of healing due to premature resorption • 100% dense PTFE: pore size less than 0.3μm which is impervious to bacteria • Primary closure not required: helps to preserve architecture of soft tissue • Soft tissue attaches to, but does not grow through membrane; membrane easily removed
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Membrane Quantity 10 Membranes
Membrane Size 12x24mm
Membrane Material d-PTFE
Membrane Type Non-Resorbable

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